Cape Chamber Coffee Club Networking Session

The Venue- Southern Sun Hotel
Topic- Cape Chamber Coffee Club networking session.


This session was basically about the chamber of commerce selling their brand to the crowd that attended. It highlighted what the function of the chamber is and what benefits you will enjoy once you become a member.

  • the chamber serves as a national and international platform for business people
  • it provides you as a business person to market your company via the online platform or through the various networking sessions that they have monthly.
  • The chamber is a part of a multinational body which allows for international exposure and therefore you as a business person will always be in the loop of what is happening on the international scene.
  • Likewise do the chamber also send out daily notifications on what is happening locally within South Africa
  • And a long list of other things as well.


This session was all about networking and it gave us as business people to market our company in the group and state what our products/services were. Hence we could speak to other business people in the room that could make use of our services.


There is a coffee club networking session every month and the next one that will come will host different companies and people. Meaning  there will once more be an opportunity to either meet new business people or to reacquaint our company with the people we met previously, thus strengthening the work relationship.