New Cargo due System

New Cargo due System – 20th of July 2017    

Ports online are closing off on the 4th of August @ 15h00 and OTC (order to cash) will go live on the 7th of August.  If you are not registered on OTC you will not be able to do cargo dues.

You must nominate 1 gatekeeper that will have access to everything on the OTC system.  Emails will be sent to those who registered gatekeepers with the link where you will then set up company user community.

Invoices, Statements will be electronically.  Once cargo has been done the invoiced is immediately raised and emailed to the person that needs to get the invoice (accounts).   You can however pull any invoice off the system as well.

You can set credit limits on how to manage the account eg 50% and you will be notified once you have reached ½ way through the credit limit.

Should you cancel a cargo due or amend within 7 days after submitting there will be no fee’s.

Shipping orders will be done via EDI – no more manual.  You can upload supporting documents (proof of weight) onto the system but you need to take up with service provider eg shipshape.

There will be a demo online available to assist.

1. Gatekeeper

2. Super users

3. Users

Gatekeeper: access to everything on OTC

Super Users: Gatekeeper selects super users and what functions they can do

Users: super users and gatekeepers can create / cancel them and what functions they are allowed to do.

Should you have a CPT account of R100 000.00 and a DBN account of R100 000.00 then your corporate account is these two accounts together. So, if your CPT account is at R101 000.00 and DBN account at R20 000.00 you will still be able to do cargo dues as long as you do not exceed the CORPORATE credit limit.

EVERYBODY needs to make sure that their details are fully updated in the system as when you have a query they will retrieve this info and if it’s not complete they cannot assist with a query you might have.

Accounts:  you will need a password to open an invoice.

OTC system is very user friendly and easy to use.

0860 109 330